Giovedi 28 gennaio 2016
premiere show-case live

apertura porte: 21.00

ingresso gratuito

sPAZIO 211 is going to host the first live concert of the 18 years old song-writer Alessandro Bossi a.k.a. KIOL. The artist will propose a selection of songs composed for his first EP available from April 2016.

Hi, here’s KIOL. I played the drums for many years, believing it was the best way to reach people, but later I was encouraged by some Irish fellas to sing, they gave me the name “CEOL” that means music in Gaelic and that’s pronounced “KIOL”; I started to discover many things about me, about all us, to listen to the Gods of music, from James Brown to all the others.
Finally I’ve discovered my voice, then I’ve written many songs, many messages, many situation, in which people usually feel understood.
That’s why I’m doing this. That’s why I want to involve people to see what’s going on  around us, historically and culturally speaking by my point of view.

Here’s KIOL, bet you like it.