Lunedi 25 gennaio 2016
SCOTT KELLY (Neurosis)
CHVE (Amenra)

apertura porte: 21.29

ticket: 10 euro (prevendita: biglietteria online)

Primo tour solista dal 2012. Solo un uomo e la sua chitarra.

Getting a chance to come back to Europe is always an honor and it’s a place where I have always felt so much support for any artistic project that I have created. I very much look forward to traveling and performing with my brother CVE, he and I are like minded in art and values and I believe we will bring a significant show to each town we play. It’s been quite a few years of my and Colin’s friendship leading up to this moment I feel like the weight of this will be felt. I’m very much looking forward to this experience.” Scott Kelly 2015

In questi anni Scott ha realizzato due dischi che presenterà in questo tour: “Spirit Bound Flesh” e “Push Me On To The Sun”.

CHVE (Amenra)
CHVE2_Stefaan Temmerman low

Colin H. Van Eeckhout, high priest of the annihilating Amenra collective, has been exorcising inner demons solo as CHVE for a while now, armed with a hurdy-gurdy, a series of loops/effects and his imposing, intriguing esophagus.

On first full lengh release ‘Rasa’ (Consouling Sounds – 18/12) he digs – with his thoughts, scars and memories as survey map – in the direction of the essence of his own soul. A debut – filled with meditative soundscapes, drones, ritual folk and co-sculpted by Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori, Sembler Death) – that serves as a custom-made soundtrack to the search for your vulnerable self. Sincere, fragile and intense.

Colin H. Van Eeckhout is best known when he is surrounded by kindred spirits, but now he stepsinto the limelight all on his own.

This first solo album is preluded by a split 7” he released together with Nate Hall.

CHVE crafted his music and transformed it into a whole unique entity.
Instead of the folkish singer/songwriter track he premiered back in 2012/2015, CHVE now solely makes use of a hurdy gurdy and his voice as instruments to dig deep within his own self.
This is CHVE on his most vulnerable. Just a man, his thoughts, scars and memories, with his voice and his instrument.
The album is magnificently produced by Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori, Sembler Deah), and brings long soundscapes capturing in ambient and droning sounds what lies beyond what can be grasped by words.

In January CHVE will join Scott Kelly of Neurosis on tour in Europe.


Last Minute To Jaffna was born in Torino Italy in the mid 2000s. Torino is famous for being Italy’s darkest and most esoteric city, and the band’s heavy and atmospheric music has certainly been influenced by that. The first self released ep (2006) let them get known in Italy allowing them to tour in their country and abroad. With their 2008 debut album Volume I they marked a better refinement of their own music style, thus allowing them to tour intensively throughout Europe, even opening for Isis at Torino’s main independent festival and to get noticed by canadian label Abridged Pause which included their track Chapter XII in its Diluvian Temperals sampler. 2011 marked an important step in the band’s history: after playing an unplugged gig opening for Neurosis’ Scott Kelly they decided to record some old tracks and some new ones with acoustic guitars, clean voices and other odd instruments, helped by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo of Young God Records’s act Larsen. The result was Volume III, which finally came to light in 2014.
On March 2nd 2015 the band released Volume II, recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Stecconi (Ufomammut, Zu, Lento) and mastered by Collin Jordan (Yob, Corrections House, Pelican).